About me

What do I have in common with an elephant? Fortunately it's not the size, it's not the wrinkles and obviously it's not the trunk. On the other hand, as a web designer, I try to use tools and resources in the most strategic, creative and innovative way as possible... just like an elephant. Check it out


Designing for the web

Designing for the web not only means realizing graphical appealing projects, but you must first consider the needs of users, functionality, usability and web marketing strategies.


Web products

The digital world is vast. Designing for a blog, an e-commerce, a squeeze-page, a landing page, a DEM or an APP is not the same thing. Only knowledge and experience lead to successful solutions.


All for one, one for all

Collaborating with other professionals is essencial for a freelancer, because you can combine skills and achieve bigger goals. For this reason I work with big web marketing specialists, backend developers and SEO experts for larger projects.